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Posh Pals Candles are uniquely designed from the embellishments to the fragrance which fills your home with an aroma that will bring a special warmth and ambiance for you, your family and your friends to enjoy. Posh Pals Candle Shop hand makes all their candles. We use the maximum amount of fragrance (3 times the standard) in our candles so to give you the best room filling aroma.

Burning Instructions: Posh Pals Candle Shop packages your candle with style and simple elegance. Posh Pals Candles uses the most fragrance per oz. of wax which fills your room with a wonderful and fragrant aroma. We do not use zinc base wicks.  Zinc wicks leave a "wick mushroom" which smokes much more than the paper and cotton based wicks.Posh Pals Candles uses only paper and cotton wicks for cleaner burning candle. The wax we use is a soft paraffin base we do not use soy.  This wax along with special additives gives a creamy look and burns from corner to corner of the container. It will create a melting pool of wax from 1/4” to 1/2” deep.To achieve to above results you must following candle burning instructions attached to each Posh Pals Candle.